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Kinoteka na Makedonija

Kinoteka na Makedoija Logo>> View KNM collections on EFG Kinoteka na Makedonija is a national cultural institution, founded in 1974, and it started its official work in 1976. Its main responsibility and activities are to collect, process, preserve, protect, do research on and present films and audio-visual materials from the country and abroad. If focuses on special artistic, cultural, scientific, historic and other social significance, with special emphasis on the national audio-visual cultural heritage. Also, the Macedonian Cinematheque procures films and film reportages about Macedonia from foreign cinemas i.e. foreign cinematographies and foreign film producers. There are three departments in the Cinematheque of Macedonia: the Film Archive or Department for preservation, storage and processing of films and film materials, then the Department for documentation composed of the Written Documentation Unit, the Phototeque and Library, as well as the Department for Public activities, Research and Publishing. The Macedonian cinematheque manages a fund of over 15.000 film copies, over 68.000 pieces of propaganda material, photos and posters, as well as over 120.000 written documents. There is also a specialized library with over 4.200 books functioning under the Cinematheque, as well as international magazines on film history and theory. The Cinematheque also has a collection of old camera models. >> www.maccinema.com