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  • Country: GB
  • Year: 1917
  • Runtime: 3 mins
  • Description:
    I. Tanks cross trial barbed wire defences.II. General Sir Julian Byng and his staff pose for the camera.III. British troops take over a section of line from the French.IV. Artillery on the move.V. The Tank Bank in Trafalgar Square.

    I. 'THE TANKS' SMASHING VICTORY. The Tank Corps expects that every tank will do its damnedest. This signal was flashed by Brigadier-General Elles as he led the tanks into action and smashed the impregnable Hindenburg Line.' Watched by a group of soldiers, Mk IV tanks demonstrate their ability to cross a belt of barbed wire.II. 'GENERAL SIR JULIAN BYNG. The victorious Commander of the Third Army. (Sir Julian is seated in the centre surrounded by a group of Staff Officers.)' MLS of Byng and his staff arranged for a photo-opportunity, the front row seated, others standing behind. MS of a more select group of three seated on a bench, Byng again in the centre.III. 'FLANDERS FRONT EXTENDED. British Troops take over section recently held by the French.' British troops march along a paved and tree-lined road. Detachment on a muddy road, lorries moving past in the background. A column of French small-arms ammunition carts moves past British troops marching in the opposite direction. A convoy of British troop-carrying buses - one carries a bicycle lashed to the roof of the driver's cabin. British troops file along duckboards - French soldiers look on, hands in pockets. French and British fraternise for the camera.IV. 'HEAVY ARTILLERY MOVING UP. Caterpillar tractors simplify the removal of these monsters over the shell-torn roads of Flanders.' Holt tractor tows a 9.2-inch howitzer along a muddy road. Horses move a 6-inch howitzer. Transport - a bus, motor ambulance, lorry - skirt the edge of a ruined village. Mule train of supply wagons and limbers.V. 'THE ARMOURED BANK. The Byng Boy is already at work in Trafalgar Square, and crowds are flocking to buy War Bonds and see Tank 130. ' MS of tank in Trafalgar - an officer emerges from a door in the rear of the starboard sponson. Sequence showing a woman seated in the sponson selling war bonds - among the customers is an officer in an invalid chair. A civic dignitary (?) is among those in the queue to buy, and as he turns to leave he is restrained by a man who repositions him for the benefit of camera.

  • Keywords: EFG1914
    World War I
    Byng, Julian Hedworth George
    British Army, tanks
    National War Savings Committee
    armour, British - tank: Mark IV Male
    operations, British military - sortie
    armour, British - tank: Mark IV female
    journalism and record, British - photographer: photo-session (Julian Byng and staff)
    operations, British military - movement: march
    society, British military - friendship
    society, French military - friendship
    transport, British military - bus
    transport, French military - animal: ammunition carts
    transport, British military - animal
    transport, British military - prime mover: Holt tractor
    weapons, British - gun: 6-inch howitzer
    weapons, British - gun: 9.2-inch howitzer
    economics, British national - currency: war bonds
    society, British - charity (?): Tank Bank
    Flanders, Belgium
    West Flanders, Belgium
    GB, England & London, WC
  • Provenance: Imperial War Museums
  • Provider: Imperial War Museums
  • Production company:Topical Film Company
  • Colour: Black & White
  • Sound: Without sound