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  • Country: GB
  • Year: 1917
  • Runtime: 3 mins
  • Description:
    I. Battleships at anchor.II. US officers are flown over the front-line to study artillery observation.III. Queen Mary visits the Royal Dockyard at Woolwich.IV. Open-air investiture at Buckingham Palace.V. VIPs attend a meeting organised by the National War Savings Committee.

    I. 'Admiralty Official Film CLEARED FOR ACTION Looking aft on a super Dreadnought of our great battle fleet which is cleared for action night and day.' LS aft down starboard side of quarterdeck of a Queen Elizabeth Class battleship to X and Y turrets, and pan left over anchorage - nearest the cameraship are Bellerophon Class, Hercules Class and a St Vincent Class battleships.II. 'AMERICANS' (sic) NEARING THE DAY OF BATTLE. United States Artillery officers on the French Western front fly over the lines to study the regulation of the fire of big guns.' American and French officers stand about as a Letord 3 is wheeled out of a hangar. French help US officers don flying gear as the French pilot suits up. Two of the Americans put on goggles. Letord runs up and then takes off in a cloud of dust.III. 'WITH THE QUEEN AT WOOLWICH. Her Majesty who was accompanied by Princess Mary was much interested in the equipment stores and the women workers at Woolwich Dockyard.' Women workers wearing smocks wave as the Queen and Princess pass. MS left profile as Queen Mary looks down at something. The party moves off, Princess Mary trailing along behind. The Queen watches a woman operating a sewing machine - as a patriotic gesture, a small Union flag has been set up on the work-bench. The Royal couple continue their tour.IV. 'KING HOLDS OPEN AIR INVESTITURE. His Majesty bestowed many honours including nine V.Cs four of which were presented to the relatives of fallen heroes.' Pan over guests seated in the forecourt of the Palace - crowds look on from beyond the gates. The King enters the forecourt and shakes hands with the presiding general officer. HM decorates Sergeant Grimbaldeston, KOSB. Mrs E A Davies, widow of Corporal James Davies of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, gets a few words as she receives her husband's award.V. ' SAVE YOUR MONEY and Save the World! Sir Edward Carson. Sir Eric Geddes, Lord Curzon, Mr. Bonar Law, Mr. Winston Churchill and Mr Lloyd George arriving at the Albert Hall where the Premier made his great speech on the need for national economy.' Dressed in top hat and overcoat, Carson talks with companions - they seem to be discussing where their tickets place them in the Hall. Sir Eric Geddes arrives by car - a police sergeant points out where he should go. Lord Curzon arrives. Bonar Law arrives with wife and daughter. Mr Churchill arrives, tips his hat to some onlookers, and studies his invitation before going inside. Lloyd George and daughter Megan arrive - he acknowledges the cheers of the crowd and they go inside.

  • Keywords: EFG1914
    World War I
    Mary, Queen
    Mary, Princess (Princess Royal)
    Davies, E A
    Davies, James
    George V, King
    Grimbaldeston, William Henry
    Carson, Edward Henry
    Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer
    Curzon, George Nathaniel
    Geddes, Eric Campbell
    Law, Andrew Bonar
    Lloyd George, David
    United States Army & [artillery]
    Royal Dockyard & Equipment and Stores Inspection Division
    British Army, King's Own Scottish Borderers
    National War Savings Committee
    ships, British naval - battleship: Bellerophon Class
    ships, British naval - battleship: Hercules Class
    ships, British naval - battleship: Queen Elizabeth Class
    ships, British naval - battleship: St Vincent Class
    aircraft, French - combat: Letord 3
    training, United States military - specialist: artillery observation
    delegations, British national - state: Queen Mary visits Royal Dockyard
    ceremonies, British - state: investiture
    propaganda, British - practical: War Savings
    GB, England & London, SE
    GB, England & London, SW
    GB, England & London, SW
  • Provenance: Imperial War Museums
  • Provider: Imperial War Museums
  • Production company:Topical Film Company
  • Colour: Black & White
  • Sound: Without sound