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Toffe jongens onder de mobilisatie

  • Other title(s): Drie toffe jongens bij de mobilisatie
    De Drie toffe jongens op mobilisatie
    De Toffe jongens op mobilisatie
    De Avonturen van drie Hollandsche jongens bij de mobilisatie
  • Country: NL
  • Year: 1914
  • Description:
    Part 1. Because of the mobilization, a baron, a school teacher and a farmer are called up to do military service. They are billeted in the same house, where the ladies mistake the farmer for the baron. While the farmer is paid all kinds of attentions and lavishly dined and wined, the baron is relegated to the kitchen where he has to be satisfied with the scraps. Copy held by EYE Film Instituut Nederland (probably part 3): Adèle goes to the beach at Zandvoort with the girls of her boarding-school class. She and her best friend frolic in the sea with two soldiers. When they get dressed after their swim, the girls put on the soldiers' uniforms and the soldiers put on the girls' dresses. The girls march off to the barracks and the soldiers go to the boarding-school. Of course, their playful deception is soon discovered. At the boarding-school, where a curtain is hung up to separate them, the girls and the soldiers change back into their own clothing.

    Komisch vierluik. Deel 3 [?]: Een groepje kostschoolmeisjes gaat naar het strand van Zandvoort. Adèle en een vriendin ruilen na het zwemmen van kleding met twee soldaten waarop komische verwikkelingen volgen.

  • Keywords: 16 oktober 1914
    World War I
  • Provider: EYE Filmmuseum (The Netherlands)
  • Production company:Filmfabriek Hollandia (Haarlem)
  • Director:Jan van Dommelen