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SONS OF OUR EMPIRE EPISODE 2 : Glimpses of the British Navy in war time [Main]

  • Other title(s): GLIMPSES OF THE BRITISH NAVY IN WAR TIME [alternative]
  • Country: GB
  • Year: 1917
  • Runtime: 42 mins
  • Description:
    The British battle-cruiser squadron base at Rosyth, July-August 1916.

    I. (Reel 1) The Royal Naval Air Service at Felixstowe. First their marching band. Then aircrew running a Curtiss H.2 flying boat, possibly one of the first two purchased from the Curtiss company, out of its hangar for launch. Note that the Anzani engines are running. This is followed by the prototype Porte F.1. These and other seaplanes in the air, including a Sopwith Baby. The Felixstowe (?) practises bomb runs against a partly sunken wreck. The Porte F.1 and a Short 184 are brought in by tugs. Commodore Caley and Flight-Commander Porte pose in a group with Commander Lynes. The seaplane carrier HMS Engadine launches a Short 184, which flies on patrol and returns to the ship. Some of the seaplanes stunt flying. II. The submarine service. E.23 is loaded with torpedoes, and moves off surfaced, submerges, surfaces and fires her 12-pounder, before returning to the base and being dry docked. III. (Reel 2) The battle-cruiser force, starting with a view of HMS Lion. Admiral Beatty's dog. Filming from a small boat in the harbour, the camera shows HMS Tiger, HMS Chester, with the 5.5-inch gun beside which Jack Cornwell died, and some of his shipmates, HMS Birmingham with a destroyer escort passing under a bridge, the hospital ship HMS Garth Castle collecting wounded from a drifter, and unloading others onto the shore. The wounded are taken by train to a convalescent home. HMS Princess Royal at medium distance in sunlight on a dappled sea, and at anchor. HMS Yarmouth (? possibly HMS Phaeton) at anchor. Torpedoes being loaded and fired from the destroyer HMS Firedrake, in rough weather at 15 knots an hour (sic). Members of the crew display the ensign and a lifebelt captured from the submarine UC.5. A King Edward VII Class battleship fires a broadside.

  • Keywords: EFG1914
    World War I
    Porte, F
    Caley (Commodore)
    Lynes (Commander)
    Royal Navy
    World War, 1914-1918 -- Naval operations, British
    Royal Navy, Royal Naval Air Service
    aircraft, British naval - seaplane: Felixstowe F2A flying boat
    aircraft, British naval - seaplane: Short 184
    aircraft, British naval - seaplane: Sopwith Baby
    ships, British naval - battleship: Lion
    ships, British auxiliary - aircraft carrier, seaplane: Engadine
    ships, British naval - submarine: E23
    ships, British naval - battleship: Tiger
    ships, British naval - battleship: Chester
    ships, British naval - cruiser: Birmingham
    ships, British naval - destroyer
    ships, British auxiliary - assistance: Garth Castle
    ships, British naval - battleship: Princess Royal
    ships, British naval - cruiser: Yarmouth (?)
    ships, British naval - cruiser: Phaeton (?)
    ships, British naval - destroyer: Firedrake (97)
    ships, British naval - battleship: King Edward VII Class
    weapons, British naval - torpedo: 15-inch (?)
    transport, British civilian - rail
    medical, British naval - movement
    operations, British military - routine
    training, British naval - combat: torpedo firing
    training, British naval air
    animals, mammals: dog
    ceremonies, British - display: marching band (naval)
    Felixstowe, Suffolk, England, UK
    GB, Scotland & Rosyth, Fife
  • Provenance: Imperial War Museums
  • Provider: Imperial War Museums
  • Production company:Topical Film Company
  • Colour: Black & White
  • Sound: Without sound