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  • Country: US
  • Year: 1919
  • Runtime: 12 mins
  • Description:
    US film of their own forces, mainly in the Saint Mihiel salient following the Battle of Saint Mihiel, Western Front, September 1918.

    Secretary of State for War Newton D Baker visits American troops hospitalised at Romsey in England. The rest of the film is of France. An American Infantry band plays in a damaged barn in the Argonne. Inside a barn one gunner tends the breech of his 75mm field gun while another rests by a pile of shells with a cat for company. In Saint Mihiel itself the statue of Gerard Richier has been removed during the German occupation leaving the plinth. The undamaged Pont-à-Mousson (despite the caption this was in Allied hands throughout the war). An American observation post in 1st Division area overlooking Hattonchâtel. A Belgian small calibre coastal defence gun recaptured from the Germans. Two American soldiers (one may be A L Browning) show that an unexploded German 220mm shell tore through their tent soon after they left it and buried itself in the ground. American sappers repair the roads in Fey-en-Haye. In recaptured Hattonville they have replaced signposts such as Hindenburgstrasse with Washington St . One of their Renault FT17 light tanks (the American designation is M1917) bulldozes another sign. Shells and stores in an abandoned German supply dump at Vigneulles. A portable German searchlight captured in a deep dugout at Saint-Remy. German prisoners of war being marched away. Villagers reading a French newspaper in recently-liberated Hattonville.

  • Keywords: EFG1914
    World War I
    Baker, Newton Diehl
    Browning, A L
    United States Army & American Expeditionary Force
    United States Army & Div 1
    delegations, United States national - political
    medical, United States military - hospital
    recreation, United States military - music
    weapons, French - gun: 75mm field gun & [United States]
    animals, mammals: cat
    demolition, German - symbolic
    weapons, Belgian - gun: coastal gun & [captured]
    engineering, military, United States
    propaganda, United States - inspirational
    armour, French - tank: Renault FT17 & [United States]
    demolition, United States - symbolic
    supplies, German, storage [FA] - misc: [captured]
    equipment, German - fire control: searchlight & [captured]
    defences, German - emplacement: [captured]
    prisoners of war, German - movement
    journalism and record, French - press: newspaper
    01/3(4-15).95 [1918 Saint Mihiel]
    Romsey area, Hampshire, England, UK
    Saint-Mihiel, Meuse, France
    Pont-a-Mousson, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France
    Hattonchâtel, Meuse, France
    Hattonville, Meuse, France
    Vigneulles, Meuse, France
    World War, 1914-1918 -- Motion pictures and the war
  • Provenance: Imperial War Museums
  • Provider: Imperial War Museums
  • Production company:US Signal Corps
  • Colour: Black & White
  • Sound: Without sound