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  • Country: US
  • Year: 1919
  • Runtime: 16 mins
  • Description:
    US official film of their own troops on the Western Front, 11th-17th October 1918.

    The rail station at Châtel-Chéhéry near the Aisne on 11th October 1918 showing the limit of the German advance to Paris. A view of the town itself two days later. German prisoners of war at a camp at Souilly on 14th October building new huts for themselves. The headquarters of II Corps at Saint Quentin, German prisoners passing through the town, and damage to the cathedral, 14-15th October. Headquarters of 5th Division at Bois de Tuileries-en-Fayel Farm (between Cuisy and Montfaucon), where Sergeant W B Prince of the G2 (Intelligence) Branch plots the line of advance, and Private M J Goldstein passes a note to Captain H B Payne. The divisional commander poses with his staff, left to right Lieutenant R W Kingman, Major-General John McMahon, Lieutenant L E Devereaux, and Colonel C A Trott. General John J Pershing and Major-General Hines, the commander of III Corps, leave after a conference with McMahon. The camp of 78th Division in the River Aire valley at Apremont on 15th October, where 'F' Battery, 307th Field Artillery, practises signals. The water-supply depot of 304th Engineers, 79th Division, at Vaux-les-Palameix (which is in ruins) on 16th October. 304th Engineers at Saint-Remy on 17th October demolishes damaged buildings for road-fill.

  • Keywords: EFG1914
    World War I
    Prince, W B
    Goldstein, M J
    Payne, H B
    Kingman, R W
    McMahon, John
    Devereaux, L E
    Trott, C A
    Pershing, John Joseph
    Hines, J L
    United States Army & American Expeditionary Force
    United States Army & Corps 2
    United States Army & Div 5
    United States Army & Corps 3
    United States Army & Div 78 & Field Artillery Regt 307, F Bty
    United States Army & Div 79 & Engineer Regt 304
    buildings, French - commercial: railway station
    prisoners of war, German - custody
    prisoners of war, German - movement
    buildings, United States - military: headquarters (II Corps)
    buildings, French - religious: cathedral & [damaged]
    buildings, United States - military: headquarters (5th Division)
    strategy, United States
    training, United States military - specialist: signals
    communications, United States military - direct
    destruction, French military - area: artillery bombardment
    demolition, United States - safety
    Chatel-Chehery, Ardennes, France
    Souilly, Meuse, France
    Saint-Quentin, Aisne, France
    Bois de Tuileries-en-Fayel Farm, Montfaucon, Aisne, France
    Aire (River), France
    Apremont, Meuse, France
    Vaux-les-Palameix, Meuse, France
    Saint-Rémy-de-Plans, France
    World War, 1914-1918 -- Motion pictures and the war
  • Provenance: Imperial War Museums
  • Provider: Imperial War Museums
  • Production company:US Signal Corps
  • Colour: Black & White
  • Sound: Without sound