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Jugoslovenska Kinoteka (Belgrade)

>> www.kinoteka.org.rs Jugoslovenska Kinoteka (official title since 1952) or National Film Archive of Republic Serbia is the national film library of the Republic Serbia, founded in 1949. It consists of four organizational units: Film archive, Film museum – the cinema, The Library and General Services. Jugoslovenska Kinoteka is one of the founders and a permanent member of FIAF (International Federation of Film Archives). It takes part in the activities of FIAF since 1951. The heart of the institution is the Film Archive. It holds the most comprehensive film collection in this part of Europe, containing over 95000 film prints of various national productions, of all genres, silent and sound, black & white and color, both nitrate and acetate. This collection is continuously added to by means of exchange with foreign archives and by putting into deposit copies of the newly made domestic films. Around 85% of the entire film collection consists of foreign film material, which makes our archive particularly interesting for film archivists and researchers from all over the world – so far, numerous unique copies of the films of major world film industries have been found in our archive. Most of these master-pieces had been considered forever lost until they were discovered in the film collection of Jugoslovenska Kinoteka.