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EYE Film Insitute Netherlands: First World War Film Posters

>> View collection  Most of the posters EYE is contributing for EFG1914 are part of the Desmet Collection. Jean Desmet was a pioneer film distributor whose business went into bankruptcy around 1916, due to the economic effects of the WWI. Until then, Desmet tried to trade with all kinds of film companies from all over the world, and kept his papers and promotional material for the rest of his life. As a result of this, EYE holds one of the most comprehensive and varied collections of original film posters from the 1910s. The selection of film posters for the EFG reflects thus the films that were shown during WW1 within the neutral territory of the Netherlands; mainly consisting of fiction films from all over the world, originating both from the Entente powers as well as the Central Powers.