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Cinémathèque française: Photos of the Triangle Film Corporation

>> View collection  The Triangle Film Corporation existed from 1915 to 1918. Employing directors such as D.W. Griffiths, Thomas Ince and Mack Sennet it was on of the largest American production companies at its time. By means of around 1,400 photos of the John E. Allen – Triangle Collection, the history of the company can be retraced on EFG.

Detailed description provided by the archive:
The John E. Allen – Triangle collection is one of the most important, in terms of the special collections of La Cinémathèque française. It represents today 95 boxes of archive, more than 1,300 photos and more than twenty films preserved and, at least for the papers and the photos, accessible. The papers go from 1909 to 1935, which exceeds largely the lifetime of Triangle. The Triangle Film Corporation (1915-1918), was founded by Harry Aitken, Adam Kessel and Charles Bauman. Very quickly, it became one of the largest American production companies. Griffith's departure, due to the failure of Intolerance in 1917, followed by the departure of Ince and Sennett, provoked the liquidation of the company.