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Cinémathèque française: The Étienne-Jules Marey Collection

>> View collection  The scientist Étienne-Jules Marey (1830 - 1904) used photographic methods to study the movement of human and animal throughout his life. La cinémathèque offers access to around 400 photos from the estate of Étienne-Jules Marey via EFG.

Detailed description provided by the archive:
Étienne-Jules Marey was born in 1830 in Beaune. After brilliant medical studies, he was appointed to the department of professor Beau in the Cochin hospital in Paris. From the 1850s on, he studied fervently all the forms of human and animal movement. He developed the "graphic method", which represented for him a kind of universal language. “All scientists can indeed read a ‘graph’, these sheets where, in white markings on the funeral black of paint, variations in the infinite vital hymn take place,” according to the photographer Félix Nadar who visited with amazement the laboratory of Marey at the end of 1860s. The library La Bibliothèque du Film possesses books, paper archives, periodicals, videos and photos about Étienne-Jules Marey.