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  • Alternativ tittel: TER EERE VAN DEN BELGISCHEN SOLDAT 4 DEEL [alternative]
  • Land: BE
  • År: 1919
  • Lengde: 16 mins
  • Beskrivelse:
    Belgian film of their own forces clearing Flanders of German troops in the Advance to Victory, Western Front, 27th-29th September 1918.

    The film starts with an order of the day, in French and Flemish, from King Albert to his soldiers dated 27th September, telling them that the time for the decisive attack has come. 75mm guns start the bombardment. German troops man their defensive positions. Belgian troops rush forward. The battlefield shows trees shattered by gunfire, and captured German defences. A map shows the positions of the two sides. The Belgians advance. Belgian, and then German, dead on the battlefield. German prisoners are led to rear areas where some are searched by Belgian soldiers. Field guns move up. The map shows the advance on 28th September, taking Houthulst, Poelcappelle, Passchendaele and Zonnebeke. A view of the Forest of Houthulst. The village of Woumen after its capture, followed by Dixmude, Clercken and Moorslede, all of them virtually rubble. Horsed transport waits to move up. Prisoners are marched to the rear. Abandoned German guns, 77mm, 105mm and 155mm, lie in the mud along with their ammunition. Belgian medics give first aid to wounded men. Walking wounded move to the rear; a stretcher is found for one of them. Other stretcher-cases wait for evacuation; German prisoners help as stretcher bearers. A column of motor ambulances on the road. A forward dressing station. The map shows that on 29th September the advance took Dixmude, Woumen, Clerken, Moorslede, Westboosebeke, Staden and Zarren.

  • Stikkord: EFG1914
    World War I
    Belgian Army
    German Army
    propaganda, Belgian - inspirational
    weapons, French - gun: 75mm field gun & [Belgian]
    combat, Belgian - artillery bombardment
    operations, Belgian military - sortie
    destruction, Belgian military - area: artillery bombardment
    casualties, Belgian dead - battlefield
    casualties, German dead - battlefield
    operations, Belgian military - movement: road
    prisoners of war, German - movement
    prisoners of war, German - reception
    weapons, German - gun: 77mm field gun & [captured]
    weapons, German - gun: 105mm howitzer & [captured]
    weapons, German - gun: 155mm howitzer & [captured]
    medical, Belgian military - emergency
    medical, Belgian military - movement
    transport, Belgian military - ambulance
    Dixmude, West Flanders, Belgium
    Houthulst Forest, West Flanders, Belgium
    Woumen, West Flanders, Belgium
    Klerken, West Flanders, Belgium
    Moorsele, West Flanders, Belgium
  • Opphav: Imperial War Museums
  • Leverandør: Imperial War Museums
  • Rettigheter: Imperial War Museums
  • Farge: Black & White
  • Sound: Without sound
  • Language: fr