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Lichtspiel – Kinemathek Bern: Films by Kurt Blum

>> View collection  The Kinemathek Bern provides ten films by the well known photographer and documentarian Kurt Blum (1922 – 2005). Blum followed in his work high aesthetic standards and gained numerous international awards.

Detailed description provided by the archive:
Kurt Blum, a well-known Bernese photographer, shot seven 16mm and nine 35mm films between 1956 and 1971. They are mostly documentary short films commissioned by the PPT (Swiss post), Swissair, the EXPO 64 as well as a number of large industrial companies. In addition, Kurt Blum shot and produced the among cinema goers and critics highly regarded feature film „Rabio – Gedanken eines Strafgefangenen“ (Rabio – Thoughts of a convict). Blum as a photographer never restricted himself to the role of a reporter, but made high aesthetic demands on his films. This paid off well: "L’uomo, il fuoco e il ferro“, Blum’s first 35mm film, was also the first Swiss documentary film to receive an award at the Venice film festival in 1962. Blum’s documentary "Hellas“ also received numerous national and international awards.