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Bundesarchiv Filmarchiv: First World War Films

>>View collection From its holdings related to the First World War the Federal Archives / Bundesarchiv-Filmarchiv Berlin makes available twenty hours of film material.
Amongst them different genres such as newsreels – „Messter-Woche“, partly tinted, short documentaries – „Bilder aus der großen Schlacht“ (Pictures of the great Battle in the West), part one to six.
„Bayramfest im Mohamedaner-Gefangenenlager Halbmond und Weinbergslager zu Wünsdorf bei Zossen“ produced by  BUFA, card of censorship board 15.11.1916 (Berlin)  / 08.06.1917 (Munich) -  a documentary about islamic prisoners of war in Wünsdorf, Germany after Ramadan.
Fiction and propaganda films – e.g.  „Der Feind hört mit“ (Enemy is listening), produced by BUFA as well as various animated and entertaining „Kriegsanleihe-Werbefilme“ of the German Reichsbank (War bonds advertising).