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Nasjonalbiblioteket: Fiction/Non-Fiction from the Silent Film Collection

This collection presents a selection of the silent film material in the National Library of Norway. The collection includes Norway’s earliest extant fiction film: Under forvandlingens lov ( Under the law of transformation ) directed by Halfdan Nobel Roede in 1911. The collection also includes several travelogues, amateur films, orphan works, and more. There are several recordings of Olympic Champion Sonja Henie, before her fame in America and Hollywood – as a 12-year old girl practicing her skills –possibly the earliest moving images of Henie.

This collection includes the following other films:
Hammerfest 1903
Bjørnson statuens avsløring i Maywille
Det norske Amerikas 100 årsjubilæum i Minnesota sommeren 1925
Fra storsildfisket ved Aalesund 1914
Reisen til Nord Norge
Sardine fishing