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Archives françaises du film du CNC (Bois d'Arcy)

Logo CNC >> www.cnc-aff.fr The CNC French Film Archives were created in 1969 on the initiative of André Malraux, Minister of Culture, so that the state could take over the inventory and conservation of old films, including those on nitrate supports. Subsequently, the collections of old films steadily grew. In addition to voluntary deposits, donations, and acquisitions, legal deposits for films were implemented in 1977 and became the CNC’s responsibility in 1992.
The CNC has many missions, including the collection, conservation, inventory, cataloguing, safeguarding, restoration, and promotion of heritage films. On the national and international level, the CNC French Film Archives participate in initiatives for film heritage protection and promotion. The CNC French Film Archives ensure the conservation of more than 100,000 films—a collection composed, in equal parts, of fiction, feature length, short, and documentary films.