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Det Danske Filminstitut: The Films by Cinema Pioneer Peter Elfelt

>> View collection  The 77 films by Danish cinema pioneer Peter Elfelt (1866-1931) are not only interesting from a cinematic point of view but they are also unique contemporary documents. As royal court photographer, Elfelt had access to the most important people and events at his time, which is reflected by his films, focusing on Denmark's high society.

Detailed description provided by the archive:
The films by cinema pioneer Peter Elfelt is a unique resource; not only to the film maker himself, but also to the historical places and people he recorded on film in the period 1897-1930. Peter Elfelt was the royal Danish court photographer, and his film recordings contain most of the Danish royal family’s participation in events, as well as many of the important artists and scientists of the period. This collection is therefore important as a historical source, as well as an immediate attention getter as to how Copenhagen and people looked 100 years ago.