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Österreichisches Filmmuseum: Dziga Vertov's Kinonedelja

Vertov>> View collection The Kinonedelja (Kino-Week) newsreels constitute the first films of Dziga Vertov. A total of 43 issues, each containing an average of 5 to 7 different items, were produced between May 1918 and June 1919. Vertov joined the newsreel’s ranks as a secretary but by the fall of 1918 had taken on full responsibility for the series, defining the content and structure of each issue. In some cases, Vertov even functioned as director of the newsreels. In the 1970s, the Austrian Film Museum received prints of 14 clearly identifiable issues of Kinonedelja from Sweden. The films provide an invaluable record of life in the young Soviet Russia, then in the throes of civil war. In keeping with its tradition of publishing important works by Dziga Vertov digitally, the Film Museum has now made its complete Kinonedelja holdings available online.