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Eesti Filmiarhiiv: First World War Collection

>>View collection Estonian Film Archives is giving access to 6 films and about 2,500 photos. Two of the films – "Tartu and its Surroundings" and "Tartu Volunteer Firefighters’ Society Celebrating its 50th Anniversary" – depict war-time life in the Southern Estonian town of Tartu, called Dorpat at the time. The films were made by the very first Estonian filmmaker – Johannes Pääsuke. In addition, there are three war chronicles depicting actual war activity: Pathé newreel no 37 – Australian soldiers, French soldiers, American troops and bases etc; Chronicle: Russia 1917, Brest-Litovks 1918; USA in WW I. Until 1918 Estonia was a part of the Russian Empire, during World War One, on 24th of February 1918, the Republic of Estonia was declared. Estonia as a state never took part in the war but the war enabled our republic to be established. As to the photo collection there will be about 2,500 photos on the EFG depicting actual war acitivities – action on the front, battles, war techology, soldiers, generals etc.; as well as everyday life in Estonia during the war.