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Kinoteka na Makedonija: Films from Macedonia

Collection Kinoteka na Makedonija>> View collection Kinoteka na Makedonija gives acces to its collection of digitally restored films, consisting of 16 of the most interesting films from the history of Macedonian cinema.  The collection includes the digitally restored versions of the films from two of the most prolific Macedonian filmmakers Stole Popov and Ljubisha Georgievski, as well as the 1923 film “Macedonia in pictures” from the director and screenwriter Arsenij Jovkov and  the whole collection of films from the Manaki brothers - the first cinematographers on the Balkans.

Stole Popov’s films mark his work from 1974 up until 1997, in which are represented 7 films from his most fruitful period. Macedonian film and theatre director Ljubisha Georgievski is represented with 7 of his films, 4 of which are features, and 3 shorts.

The most interesting part of this collection is the compilation of films shot by the Manaki Brothers, consisting of 62 short documentary films explaining the life of the people that were living on the Macedonian ground from 1905 to 1918. These films are an important document of the life on the Balkans in the beginning of the 20-th century mostly because they are the first shots filmed on this territory.

Arsenij Jovkov’s film “Macedonia in pictures” is one of the most important films for the Macedonian history. It was made in 1923, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Ilinden Uprising and it represents a visual collage of Macedonia, and also a summary of the Macedonian liberation idea and its most important protagonists.