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Filmoteka Narodowa: Documentary films

>>View collection This collection of documentary films held by the National Film Archive in Warsaw includes reportages produced by the leading newsreel producer the Polish Telegraphic Agency (PAT), among them a film titled “News, dispatch, information”(Wieść, depesza, informacja) about the daily life of PAT reporters; propagandistic films (ex. COP Stalowa Wola by Jerzy Gabryjelski from 1938, portraying one of the most important Polish pre-war industrial project – Central Industrial Area (COP)); reportages from travels around Poland by then president Stanisław Wojciechowski in 1923; and reportages from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem filmed by Romuald Gantkowski in 1939. The collection also includes invaluable materials presenting pre-war Warsaw (notable since 84% of buildings on the left bank of the city were destroyed during WWII). There is also footage from Krakow, Vilnius or Łowicz in this collection. The collection covers the period from 1913 to 1939.