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Cinémathèque française (Paris)

>> View CF collections on EFG The Cinémathèque française was founded in 1936 by Henri Langlois, Georges Franju, Jean Mitry and Paul Auguste Harlé. Over the years it has evolved into a focus for film culture, and its extensive collection now makes it one of the world's most famous motion picture archives. It is also a place where several generations have discovered the cinema.


Its long experience now complemented by new facilities, the Cinémathèque is continuing its work of preserving and restoring its collection of films and archival material; programming cinema classics, retrospectives and tributes; displaying its assortment of memorabilia; presenting temporary exhibitions and welcoming students and researchers to its library and archives.



In January 2007, the Cinémathèque française and the Bibliothèque du Film (Film Library) merged, paving the way for coordinated management of the various collections.


The Cinémathèque Française includes departments as the film collection, the cinema technique conservatory, the equipment collection, the costumes and object collection, the Media Library and departments in charge of activities for the public such as exhibitions, conferences, and educational services. >> www.cinematheque.fr