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Filmarchiv Austria (Vienna)

>> View FAA collections on EFG  The Filmarchiv Austria is the central location for film collections and film documentation in Austria and houses the country’s audiovisual cultural heritage. The diverse collections held within the archive encompass a period of over a hundred years, stretching from the 19th century up to the present. The Filmarchiv Austria holds over 100,000 film prints, 2,000.000 photos and film stills, roughly 25,000 film programmes and countless further items, such as posters, books and documents. 


An essential objective of the archive is to make its comprehensive collections available to the public using varying forms of presentation. Along the lines of the motto “to preserve and to show,” the Filmarchiv Austria sees itself as a modern media archive which not only endeavours to conserve its material in the best way possible, but also to continuously bring it into discussions related to the culture of the moving image.


An archive only comes into being when it is activated. The documentation of collections and their accessibility is therefore considered by the archive as some of our most important tasks. As a result, the Filmarchiv Austria is far less a passive storage depot than a dynamic centre of expertise for all questions regarding the culture of the moving image.


>> http://filmarchiv.at