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Association des Cinémathèques Européennes (Frankfurt/Brussels)

>> www.ace-film.eu  Founded in 1991, the Association des Cinémathèques Européennes – ACE is an affiliation of 40 national and regional film archives and cinémathèques from all over Europe. ACE is a non-profit organisation under Belgium law, the office and the presidency is currently based at Deutsches Filminstitut, Frankfurt. Its joint role is to protect and promote the European film heritage and to ensure its visibility and accessibility for future generations.

ACE's main tasks are to promote public interest in film culture, create awareness among decision makers and the audiovisual industry, and to raise sufficient funds for preserving, restoring and digitising the valuable film materials. With the support of the European Commission, ACE has successfully undertaken several joint projects in the field of analogue restoration (LUMIERE: 1991-1996), training and education (ARCHIMEDIA: 1997-2004, Film Restoration/FIAF Summer School: 2007-today), defining recommendations for the digitisation of audiovisual content (FIRST 2002-2004), taking the lead in standardizations processes (CEN.BT TC 372 Cinematographic Works: 2005-2009), designing the multi-lingual web portal filmarchives online (MIDAS 2006-2009) with catalogue information on Europe's film archival holdings, and most recently, initiating the European Film Gateway (2008-2011).